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Friendly Melbourne packing service and moving boxes

Are you time poor? Is your moving date creeping up a bit too fast? At Friendly Moving Men we also offer a packing service to help take the stress out of your move.

We can send two or three of our packing people to carefully pack up your belongings the day, or morning before your removalists arrive.

Our experienced Melbourne packing team will arrive with book boxes, tea chest boxes, wardrobe boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and all that will be needed to carefully pack your worldly possessions.

“I’d like a packing service.. but only for the kitchen and loungeroom”

Quite often customers of ours like to start packing early. Packing some items yourself is a great way of keeping costs down. If you’d like to start some packing before our moving men arrive simply order one of our moving box packs. We’ll have your moving boxes delivered to Melbourne inner suburbs within 48hrs of your purchase. When the morning of your house move finally comes we can finish off what you haven’t had time to. The beauty of our packing service is that it is also charged at an hourly rate (inclusive of moving boxes). This gives our customers every opportunity to control the cost of their house move.

The Friendly’s do’s and dont’s for packing your house

After the thousands of house moves we’ve been apart of we’ve seen a lot of things that can really help and things that can really hinder your house move.

Packing up your possessions properly can often be the difference between a successful house move and absolute chaos and disappointment.

At Friendly Moving Men we completely understand that sometimes hiring a Melbourne packing service prior to the removalists arriving can get expensive and having someone you don’t know packing your personal items isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If packing is on your list here are some friendly “do’s” and “DONTS!” that we hope will help your move run smoothly.

Box It Up

Perhaps the most important part of moving is how well your belongings are contained. The best boxes to use are ‘moving and storage boxes’. Unlike the boxes you pick up from behind the supermarket, moving boxes have been designed for the purpose of moving house. Moving boxes are designed tough so they will not crumble as easily as other boxes. They have a lid, which protects the contents from the elements. They are also uniform in size, which makes stacking them in the removal van very space and time efficient.

At the Friendly Moving Men we’re all about keeping costs down so can totally see how buying proper moving boxes might not be that attractive, but we have had a few experiences where relying on mixed boxes from the supermarket can end up costing more money and time.

If the boxes you have to pack in are all different shapes and sizes it is going to become really tough to stack them in a way that gets the most out of the space. Worse still if you have open boxes, with no lids, full of breakables, then there is no safe way for them to be stacked. Before you know it the truck will be full, but not floor to ceiling as you hoped and your removalists will break the news that a second trip will be required in what could have been done in just the one.

Having said all that, people who are only moving a small amount like a bedroom full can get away with open / mixed boxes as long as they are packed safely. The one thing not to do , and I think I speak for every removalist on the planet – Please not use Supermarket green bags to transport books and breakables… Seriously.. this happens a lot!

Cheap second hand moving boxes are sometimes available on ebay for those on a budget or you can buy them here (link to boxes) online now.

Packing Safely

When packing boxes, always have paper and bubble wrap handy. There is no need to buy packing paper if you are an avid newspaper reader or can get your local café to keep them aside for you.

When packing breakables such as kitchen crockery have some scrunched up paper on the base of the box before the first items go in. When packing plates make sure that there is paper folded between each plate and adequate scrunched paper on the sides. Glassware requires the same treatment and for the especially fragile glasses it can be a good idea to use some bubble wrap. Once the box is full place more scrunched up paper on top so the box has some integrity when perhaps another box is placed on top of it in the truck.

When packing cutlery simply grab a bundle and roll them up some paper then seal the paper roll with some packing tape. This works especially well for sharp knives if you don’t have covers, and avoids any nasty surprises when unpacking at your new home.

Tea towels, old clothes and cushions also make great buffers for the edges of boxes. Why not use what you already have to help pack your breakables!


To really save time and confusion make sure to mark your boxes clearly so that they end up in the right room at your new house. Marking boxes on several sides is also very helpful so they can be read if carrying more than one. We’ve done a few moves where people have been so organized they taped up the boxes in each room with a different colour packing tape! Other ways of colour coding are round stickers or markers. It seems excessive but there is absolutely no confusion when it comes to the unload and before you know you’re moved in without any questions or confusion.