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Moving house checklist & tips

Here is a friendly moving checklist to help you plan and organise how to move house in Melbourne. Our handy moving checklist will ensure that you move house or office in the most cost effective, smooth and stress free way possible…

  • Parking space is clear for the removalist
  • Hallways are clear of bits and pieces
  • Smaller Items are boxed up and ready to go
  • Moving boxes are all closed, taped and labelled
  • Fridge is turned off and empty
  • T.V. has been disconnected and leads taped up
  • Washing machine leads have been disconnected
  • Beds, and larger items have been dismantled (where appropriate)
  • Pictures taken off walls
  • Lifts have been hired and locked off for the duration of the move
  • All dogs or other pets tied up or in a safe place
  • Make sure you have the keys for the destination property!

Here are some more helpful Melbourne moving hints:

Plan in advance

The earlier you organize your house move the better! Weekends are a popular house moving time in Melbourne so give us a call to pencil in a time as soon as you know and we’ll happily hold it for you without any booking fees.

Be boxed up

Use moving boxes to pack your possessions to ensure their safety and a quicker move. For smaller, heavier items like books, crockery and cd’s please use ‘book boxes’ and for larger ornamental items or cushions and linen use ‘tea chest’ boxes. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of packing to be done our friendly removalists can help. Ask us about our affordable Melbourne packing service.

Parking / Access

Make sure with your neighbours or your building manager that there will be suitable parking for the moving truck. If you are moving from a house it may be simply a matter of parking a car (or two if you can!) in front of your house. For apartment buildings in Melbourne there is usually a designated loading zone for removalists but make sure to reserve this in advance along with the lift. We have our public liability insurance certificate to email straight through to your building manager should they need it.

Help out on the day

You are welcome to help out as much or as little as you want with your move. You may wish to entice some friends to help as well with BBQ and beer! At Friendly Moving Men we prefer to send two experienced Melbourne removalists for most house moves. Two experienced removalists who use correct lifting techniques not only greatly reduces the potential for injury for everyone involved, it makes the move run really smoothly and saves you time, money and back aches!

Spring Clean

Moving house in Melbourne is a great opportunity to say farewell to things you’ve been carrying around for too long! Quite often the Salvos here in Melbourne will come and remove any unwanted furniture as long as it is in good shape. For all other rubbish and unwanted goods check with your council about booking in a free hard rubbish collection. Recycling furniture and clearing hard rubbish before your house move can save you a lot of time and money.

On a tight moving budget?

Minimize your house moving costs by moving the smaller items yourself and leave the bigger items to us. Quite often people do prefer to move some boxes, clothing and smaller electrical items themselves.

Should I hire my own removal truck?

We have found that for a great many house moves it is actually cheaper to use a reliable Melbourne removalist than to hire your own truck. On a weekend in Melbourne truck hire can be up to $280 per day not including petrol or the surcharge for kilometres. Also you have the added stress of driving the truck, finding sufficient blankets and straps to protect your furniture, and most importantly finding friends to help you!

Four seasons in one day!

No one can predict Melbourne weather! However try to plan ahead. Know the Melbourne forecast so you are prepared. If it’s a cold and wet Melbourne day have plenty of packing materials like plastic covers for beds and couches. These can be purchased from any of the reputable Melbourne storage centers we have listed below. Make sure moving boxes are taped up and where possible try to arrange access for the removalists on the day in a spot where they are exposed to the elements less. If your Melbourne house move is in the middle of summer the first rule is you have keep drinking plenty of fluids! Have a few hydrating sports drinks in the esky (remember- the fridge is already turned off and empty!), the money you spend on a few powerades will prove priceless when everybody’s energy levels are still strong. Other things that can help a summer Melbourne house move happen more smoothly is organizing shaded access if possible, filling moving boxes to a sensible weight and a lot of slip slop slapping!