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Moving House

Move house, unit or apartment on our competitive rates.

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Moving Office

Relocate your office 7 days/week and outside business hours if needed.

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Packing Services

Take your stress away with a high quality yet affordable packing service.

Local Melbourne & Sydney Removalists

Established in July 2010, owner/operators Ben Hallpike and Finn Kelly have quickly built a reputation for excellence. Gentlemen, in the old fashioned sense, their strapping team of local ‘strong-arms’ are skilled furniture movers with the care of your precious items at the forefront of their minds. Whether you need to move old auntie Lyra’s precious china, or an old bed from that famous Swedish company we all know and love – the Friendly Moving Men will take care in every aspect of your move.

Give us a call today if you have a single item of furniture to move or need the contents of your entire home packed and taken to storage.

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