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Simplify Your Life: A Guide to Decluttering in Melbourne

Melbourne is great city to live in, with vibrant culture and fun events to experience across its diverse neighbourhoods and landmarks. In your own home though, clutter can easily creep in, making it difficult to fully enjoy living in this beautiful city. 

If you feel like your belongings are piling up, it might be time to declutter your living space. Taking time to clear up your clutter will create a more harmonious and functional home environment that complements your Melbourne lifestyle. In this blog, we suggest some methods for decluttering your home.

Ask "Why Am I Decluttering?"

Before you begin, define your goals. Do you want to create more room in your apartment, reduce stress, or just make daily life more efficient? Being clear on your goals will guide your decluttering efforts and keep you motivated throughout the process.

Clear One Space at a Time

Decluttering your home can be an overwhelming task. Start with smaller areas, like a closet, bookshelf, bathroom cabinet or even under your bed. Completing smaller tasks can provide a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to tackle bigger areas.

Try the KonMari Method

Marie Kondo's famous KonMari method, can be particularly valuable in decluttering your home. The core principle is to keep only the items that 'spark joy'. Go through your possessions category by category, like clothes, books, or collections, and decide which items genuinely bring you happiness. This approach makes it easier to part with things you no longer need.

Donate or Sell What You Don't Need or Use

Melbourne has a huge range of op shops where you can donate or items you no longer require and many secondhand markets where you can sell your unwanted good and make some money. You can also list household items like furniture for sale or free pickup on your local Marketplace pages, or organise a garage sale to give your belongings a new lease on life.

Clean Up Your Digital Clutter

Decluttering now extends beyond physical possessions to your digital life. Organise your email inbox, delete outdated files, remove apps you don't use from your phone, unsubscribe from email newsletters, and streamline your digital photos and documents. This not only frees up valuable digital space but also enhances your overall organisation and productivity.

Optimise Home Storage

Make the most of your Melbourne living space by looking into innovative storage solutions. Utilise under-bed storage containers, install wall-mounted shelves, and invest in multifunctional furniture. Melbourne's compact living spaces necessitate creative storage solutions to keep clutter under control.

Evaluate Your Belongings Each Season

Melbourne's ever-changing weather calls for seasonal assessments of your belongings. As the seasons shift, review your wardrobe and household items, keeping in mind what you'll need for the upcoming season and what can be stored or donated.

Make Decluttering a Habit

Once you've decluttered your living space, try to keep it that way. Develop small daily or weekly routines to prevent clutter from building up again. Before buying something new, ask yourself "do I really need this?". If you do bring new things into your home, designate specific spots for them (e.g. a place for your mail) and regularly remove anything that you don't need anymore (e.g. expired items from your pantry).

Decluttering your Melbourne home is a freeing process that can significantly improve your overall well-being and enhance your experience living in this vibrant city. 

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